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Library work

Text for the adult reading challenge booklet

I've been rather silent on here for a while now so thought I'd best give an update. I found I was rather stuck on the 'Sector 17643' project so decided to pop it all away and focus on the day job, doodling and laying in the sun reading on my days off from the day job.

It's a busy time of year working in the library as the 2018 summer reading challenge has just launched so once the schools break up this week we'll be overrun with excited children. The last couple of weeks I've been getting together a version for grown ups because why should adults have to miss out on all the fun. They even get stickers and a certificate if they finish.

Now that this is done I've decided to try and get my project development back on track so I've been organising my work on it so far and trying to decide what area to pick up next. Although I've been adding the odd bit to it here and there, it has almost been a year since handing in the project for my masters so it's time to get back on it.

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