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The Useless Robot is an illustrator born and based in Portsmouth. She studied fine art at the Winchester School of Art and after several robotic jobs she went back to complete her masters in illustration at the University of Portsmouth. She now works as a freelance artist and illustrator.

She acknowledges books and stories as being something that can heavily influence someone’s thinking, therefore she is inspired by all the quirks and nuances of storytelling. Old fairy tales and fables draw her in and drive her creative process. Her work will often channel this within a strong sense of social awareness.

She works mostly with watercolour and line drawing, creating characters and telling stories. While she is strongest on traditional media, there is a curiosity and will to explore and perfect other techniques that include a digital approach. Her latest project, Sector 17643, uses the internet as its platform allowing access for as wide an audience as possible. 

With her work, the aim is to continue to tell stories and try to convey the same fascination and mystery of the things that influenced and drove her on her path.

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