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Sector 17643 is a fictional website and a collection of artist books telling a story set in the distant future where all organic life has long been extinct and everything we use is synthetic. The world has become a dull and grey place with the human race having forgotten what it means to live. This work joins my future world at a stage where changes are being introduced to try and revive the planet and the people. 


There is a need to guide the public along this journey and to do so the Earth Government have a site with all the information needed to keep up to date with what’s going on. This site is an adaptable art form which will grow and evolve as the story does. The artist books accompany the site and provide further guidance to the people on things such as how to care for your redesigned creature and how to behave in a garden.

Currently the project is in a preliminary state and you can view the sample website that I created using here.

The next stage is to transfer this to a website builder which allows much more freedom in designing the site and to add new content that I've been working on.

 For now, feel free to explore a sample of Sector 17643.

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