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Inktober Days 14-19

Day 14

Day 14's ink drawing carries on with the Kiwi theme due to it being save the kiwi month. I also wanted to redeem myself a little by drawing another uke as the one I drew on day 12 was...not great. So the drawing came out as a person singing and playing to some dancing kiwis. What's not to like?

Day 15

I was looking at some of my work from year one of my masters. At this point I was planning on my project being about making monsters. So I came up with this fella. It eats naughty children hence the swollen belly.

Day 16

I was missing robots so I decided to draw one. I was also missing kiwis.

Day 17 'Spot the kiwi'

Clearing out my studio I found the article about scientist bringing back the woolly mammoth which is sort of what's happening in my ongoing project 'Sector 17643' (title may change). As the kiwi is also facing extinction I felt the two made a nice pair.

Day 18 'The Littlest Robot'

My recent Inktobers had been lacking the colour that my first few had so I played about with painting with inks again. I tried to get the same used/worn look for the robot that I've done so many times with paints and watercolour pencils. It didn't come out too badly but it is very different using inks to paint with so I definitely need to experiment a lot more.

Day 19

I didn't have a huge amount of time on this day. I found some different coloured pens I forgot I had though so did a inky doodle with them to see if they still worked.

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