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Inktober 2018: Days 27, 28, 29 & 30

DAY 27: Conduplue

All Conduplues want to do is to be cosy and curl up on humans’ beds, in laundry baskets full of clothes or in sock drawers. However, their fur causes extreme irritation to most people and in extreme cases have even caused death by allergic reaction. They prefer cluttered, small houses with lots of places to curl up and hide.

DAY28: Rollypol

These small monsters are often found in pubs as they eat wood so are attracted to the pool cues and wooden bar stools. They are able to tuck their feet close to their bodies and enjoy rolling around so if you are missing a billiard ball they are often quite happy to be a replacement as long as you ask them nicely and let them eat the pool cue after.

DAY 29: Flakliar

It is hard to believe that these large monsters live solely on dust but they do. A welcome addition to any household, you will never need to purchase a hoover if one comes to live with you. They can get quite big so tend to prefer houses with open planned living. They are very good with children and enjoy going for walks and the park. Their favourite time of year is autumn when they can blow the fallen leaves about.

DAY 30: Maligbelue

Maligbelues while very vicious are not a danger to humans but to other monsters. They are cannibalistic so survive by consuming other monsters. While this might be welcome with some species of monsters, such as Noctermors and Aspenom, it is a great concern that they might get their claws on one of the more beloved species. In recent years it has been discovered that Maligbelues have a very strange fear of guinea pigs. As a result of this discovery, guinea pig ownership has increased tenfold to help protect our monsters.

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