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Inktober 2018: Days 24, 25 & 26

DAY 24: Drivelpup

Drivelpups, while not directly dangerous to humans, are the monsters with the highest human death count. They eat motor parts, and being small and bendy means that they can squeeze into any car engine to have a munch. If you do not check your engine for any Drivelpups before setting off on a car journey you risk having a terrible accident.


These little monsters hibernate for 10 months of the year waking mid-November to mid-January. For the two months they are awake they take residence in our Christmas trees and feast of our decorations. They especially like eating brightly coloured ornaments and have been known to finish off a 500 bulb set of flashing lights within 13 minutes. Luckily they all have brightly coloured, glittery feathers so, as long as you keep the tree topped up with food, they make a good decoration themselves.

DAY 26: Diabolus

Despite their bright, jolly appearance, Diabolus can cause havoc. They are tiny and will sit on a humans shoulder, sniffing the person’s hair, nibbling their ear and whispering suggestive things to them. They are somehow able to influence people into doing things out of character. Another strange quality they process is being hard to see despite their bright colours so you quite often won’t even realise you have one.

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