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A (Late) New Years Catch Up

It's been a busy couple of months at work and with Christmas so I've neglected all my social media. Thats why the last two post I've just done were to catch up with the Inktober pics I did in October but never posted on here.

The final day of Inktober is a group picture of all the characters together. As this was a big one, I knew I wouldn't finish it in a day (and still have yet to finish it due to an issue I had right at the end with the sizing and layout of some of the characters). I got to the stage below about a week into November but it's been in the to do pile since I realised I would need to draw the whole thing again before I could colour it.

This year I've got a few projects planned such as getting my new site for Sector 17643 to a stage where it can be shared to replace the mock one I did during my MA degree.

I also want to pick up the original project I planned in the first year of the MA but that took a backseat when Dodos invaded my thoughts. I have something to do with Bees in the pipeline and I've dusted off my book binding stuff.

Oh and of course the normal new years resolution to be better at posting and be more organised and blah blah.

So here's to what will hopefully be a productive year!

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