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Inktober 2018: Days 21,22 & 23

DAY 21: Diddlypom

These little monsters stand about 2 foot tall and due to their love of eating slugs and snails they are a popular addition to the houses of keen gardeners throughout England. Although considered a wild monster, there are ways of swaying them to choose your garden as their home, such as painting your house purple and playing classical music in the garden.

DAY 22: Aspenom

One of the most dangerous monsters to humans, Aspenoms kill and then consume the eyes of any person they can get their hands on. Although they cannot see, they have extremely good hearing and smell and once they have the scent of a human it is very hard to shake them off. It is not known how these monsters came to be but luckily, they are rare and they detest other species of monsters as well as water so it is advised to carry water with you at all times.

DAY23: Genus Auris

A small, friendly and domesticated monster, Genus Aurises enjoy the sound of humans’ voices and will happily listen to someone talking all day. They are very good company for adults and children alike and especially for people who would otherwise be lonely. They enjoy eating all types of food but their favourite thing is parsley mixed in with candy floss. They do not like shouting.

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