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Inktober 2018: Days 18, 19 & 20

DAY 18: Minusmor

These monsters were believed to have been a cause of death for many many years and it is only recently that we have come to better understand them. While Minusmors are commonly found around the dead, they do not in fact bring death on but merely feed off it. Recent studies have found evidence that they may even help the dying transition in a more serene state. They understandably still cause great sadness and fear when one sees them in the shadows of a beloved ones room.

DAY 19: Toodlytide

Toodlytides like nothing more than an orderly home and this means they have a tendency to move things around. They are often the reason you can’t find your keys but they do help to keep a home interesting as you may come home from work to your furniture being completely rearranged. They are shy monsters and will often hide in cupboards when new people come over. Their favourite food is biscuits especially custard creams.

DAY 20: Pulbjer

These little round monsters are often found in the gutters surrounding our roofs. Pulbjers eat sludge and slime so are very good at keeping the gutters and drains clear of blockages. They are however very poisonous to humans if they spike us with their tentacles. There have been instances where, during bad weather, they have fallen off the roofs onto the heads of passers-by so it is advisable to always have a sturdy umbrella held up when its heavy rain and winds.

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