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Inktober 2018: Days 15, 16 & 17

DAY 15: Dave

The Dave’s started coming around when the invention of the television really took off. The more and more homes that got one the more and more Dave’s showed up on our living room carpets staring at the square box. If one takes residence in your home, you will need to keep the TV on permanently. Apart from hogging the remote control, they are great company and will be no bother as long as they are fed regularly. They are named after their favourite channel but will watch just about anything.

DAY 16: Soporey These small winged monsters can be remarkably dangerous if you do not realise they are about. They feed off the energy from humans making you feel at first tired, then exhausted meaning you will be bed bound before long if they are not removed. They dislike plants and fresh air so make sure you have lots in your home to keep the Soporey at bay.

DAY 17: Trumbler Trumblers have been found to be one of the most useful monsters to humans and the planet. They are capable of eating vast amounts of rubbish meaning that they have helped to reduce pollution. Not only this but they somehow manage to poop it back out again as extremely good quality compost. Trumblers like to eat their food out of attractive bins, the more decorated and colourful the better. It is now a common sight to see highly decorated rubbish bins outside the front of houses all over the country to encourage these monsters to have a feast.

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