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Inktober 2018: Days 12, 13 & 14

DAY: 12: Weaveclepta

Weavecleptas are at most 30cm tall and being drawn to all things soft, you will often find them in your laundry basket or rummaging around your washing machine. They eat fabric and their favourite thing to eat is socks which is why pairs of socks are hard to come by. Despite this they make an excellent companion and enjoy standing on humans shoulders or heads and going out for walks.

DAY 13: Blinqu

One of the smaller species of domestic monsters at about 15 cm tall, Blinques like very cold conditions due to their thick thermal hair. They will happily live in your fridge coming out every so often to socialise with the family. They are very useful if you are on a diet as they cannot help but stare and blink at you when you open the fridge which has proven to put people off secret eating.

DAY 14: Dinky Nipper

This monster lives mostly in the woodlands of Scotland and north England. They sleep for 22 hours a day only waking at sunrise and sunset to feed. They are not dangerous to humans as they live off small forest animals.

In the past they have been useful to nearby villages and towns as they help to keep vermin numbers down. However, if food is short they have been known to wonder into populated areas, so it is advised to keep pets in if you hear one has been sighted.

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