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Inktober 2018: Days 9, 10 & 11

DAY 9: Felvet

These domestic monsters tend to be drawn to cold houses due to the warmth they produce. If you are lucky enough for one to choose your house as its home then you will never need to put on your heating again. They are nocturnal and like to be around humans so you may find one at the end of your bed staring at you when you awake (this is a bit alarming at first but you will get used to it). They are drawn to shiny objects so it is advisable to hide any jewellery away and place cheap costume jewellery about for them to play with.

DAY 10: Liquipoo

Being thin and long with a soft skeleton means that the Liquipoo can fit and travel very well through any plumbing system. They are very friendly and will travel from house to house using the facilities. You will know if one is currently using your home as the hot water will get used up quickly and quite often you may find one in your bath tub having a splendid time.

DAY 11: Noctermort

Noctermorts are sneaky monsters that will hide in bedrooms and can remain undetected for long periods of time. They feed of night fear and are capable of bringing on tremendous nightmares. The longer they prey on one individual the better they get at producing terrifying dreams. It has been known for their victims to become insane when they have not be caught in time.

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