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Inktober 2018: Days 7 & 8

DAY 7: Posiclar

A Posiclar is a monster that has proved to be extremely useful to humans over the years. Being the Opposite of a Negiclar, it is able to suck in and consume any type of negative feelings from humans leaving the people around it feeling happier and lighter.

The more mature ones are so strong that they can be very therapeutic to those suffering with severe forms of depression and so are employed in health centres.

They enjoy warmth, chocolate and roast dinners and are paid with such for any work they do.

DAY 8: Negiclar

Being the opposite of a Posiclar, this monster can have a destructive effect on the mental health of the humans around it. Negiclars suck in any positive feelings leaving humans feeling a great deal of hopelessness.

They tend to latch onto one particular human at a time, consuming everything it can from the persons psyche. The mature, stronger ones will often cause it’s chosen human to commit suicide if not intervened with soon enough.


While not much is known about these monsters in their early years, it is believed that they are created together as a pair and spend the initial part of their lives together. As they get older and stronger, they separate and go their separate ways for fear of destroying one another. Should they come back together in their mature years when at their strongest, they merge creating something altogether completely different and alarming.

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