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Inktober 2018: Days 4, 5 & 6

DAY 4: Hooga

The Hooga is a distant relation to the Solisga and is equally keen to be around humans. They have a calming effect on the people around them. Hoogas will happily spend all day following their favourite human around waiting to be hugged.

DAY 5: Vegetall

Vegetalls can be found mainly wondering around the countryside and small villages feeding off the earth through their feet. Although considered wild, they are an extremely polite and gentle species of monster. They enjoy being helpful to humans and with their long fingers and tall bodies, they are very useful for reaching things in high places or under furniture.

If you need help from one you simply need to put a pot of hot tea on the windowsill as they simply can’t resist coming in for a cuppa.

DAY 6: Decklimuse

Decklimuses communicate through song and they can produce an astounding array of notes. They always live in pairs and never separate from their other half because if they did, they would not live for long at all.

They tend to travel around but will often stay in human homes for short periods serenading their hosts and playing with household ornaments.

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