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Inktober2018: Days 1, 2 & 3

For my 2nd year participating in Inktober I decided to go with a theme, Monsters.

My fascination with monsters increased during my research for my Masters degree. I decided a while ago that I wanted to created a range of monsters that would be among us in our everyday lives. Some would be good and helpful and others scary and dangerous.

I thought Inktober would be a good time to get all the ideas a bit more finalised and down on paper.

Here are the first three days of Inktober 2018.

DAY 1: Solisga

This monster, despite it’s unusual appearance, makes an excellent companion for those scared of the dark. It’s mostly bald skin emits a soothing glow at night and being only about 1 foot tall, they like to curl up at the end of the bed.

They love the company of humans, especially children as they hate being alone, and they enjoy chomping on green apples during the daytime.

DAY 2: Balopey

The Balopey is one of the smallest domestic monsters and would fit onto an outstretched hand. It is however wary of humans so prefers to live in buildings and homes with high ceilings where it can attach itself to the walls high up and out of the way. It uses its long tongue to catch spiders and other insects to eat. Very useful if you fear creepy crawlies.

DAY 3: Famikinder

A wild and dangerous monster, the Famikinder feasts on children. Apart from its teeth, the skeleton is completely soft allowing them to move through small spaces. This means they can easily get about through the sewers and pipes underground. All Famikinders are believed to be thousands of years old due to their rotten and swollen flesh.

It is not know why, but Famikinders are terribly frightened of cats. Luckily our feline friends tend to show up in large numbers when one is about.

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