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Inktober Days 29-31 (and what's next)

Day 29

Meet Matilda. This is a robot that was made for me by Rust Bucket Workshop (commissioned by my friends as a birthday gift). I adore her which is why I decided to draw her today.

I haven't actually done many observational drawings this inktober (or for a while for that matter). I've got some trips planned in the near future to do some observational studies so I think I need to brush up on these skills.

Day 30

I discovered the Blue Footed Booby today! Well, obviously I didn't 'discover' it, I just found some photos of them online and I think they are amazing... they dance. It's difficult to decide what my favourite odd looking bird is now, there are so many.

Day 31

That's inktober 2017 done! My final image is my robot mixed with some kiwis and a splash of inks for celebrations.

Inktober for me has been based around random drawings with little or no planning. Sometimes that has worked and sometimes it hasn't. I am proud that I posted a drawing everyday even if I really didn't want to show what I produced. I may take a different approach next year but I think it was the right way to go for my first time. I get bored easily and so I think too much planning would have made failure more likely.

It's definitely made me less precious over what I produce and less ashamed to share my creations online. Hopefully this new attitude will make my current project move a little quicker as the platform I am showing it is via a fictional website. I won't be so worried about adding new elements/images/text. I could potentially spend forever trying to make every little aspect perfect but then nothing would ever get shown. So it's just a case of doing it then sharing it and I can always change and improve things if I decide later that they don't work.

At the end of the day the story I'm telling is still growing and evolving so the work should reflect that. If you want to see more, please visit the 'Sector 17643' page on my site and you can access the fictional site via there (the title may change as it's never really sat right with me). Currently the one up and running is the mock site I submitted for my masters. It was created via a blogging site and so was limited in how I could lay things out. I am working on transferring this to a website builder so that will be up and running soon and I am starting to work on new sections to reveal more of the story now that my masters is finished and I can get my work back.

Any questions about the story/site or anything else please feel free to ask. My details are on my contact page. Or just ask when you see me next :)

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