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Inktober Days 24-28

Day 24

Not knowing what to draw... so that is exactly what I drew.

Day 25

This is a slight adaption of my hovering plant/flower that I made up for my current project (Sector 17643). I drew and coloured this out and about so was limited to the pens I had in my bag. I prefer the original as it was coloured with watercolour pencils giving it a lighter appearance. I've got another I;ve started that's going to be painted with gouache and another that I will paint with inks to try and give a translucent appearance on the petals. We'll see how that goes.

Day 26

Another robot for today. I want to colour this one in but with paints. (Can't very well use paints during inktober though can I ?!) so will do this soon.

Day 27

After comments from my aunty, this drawing just makes me chuckle. I believe I posted "I have no idea what this it!?" The following conversation led my aunty to name it 'Dinky Nipper'! which I think is just perfect.

Day 28

I had a bit more time today so I practised painting with inks again but using different colours to the last time. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out as I am getting better at blending and controlling the quantity of ink that goes on the paper.

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