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Inktober Days 20-23

Day 20

A stressful day was the theme of day 20s inktober. Hence the quick squiggle of the cuppa I was having at the time. I could have just not done a drawing but that's not in the spirit of inktober. As far as I believe, the whole point is to do a drawing and post an image of it no matter what it is like and how long you have spent on it. There have so far been a couple of drawings I'm not proud of but I am pleased I have managed to do one every day so far.

Day 21

Just a chubby sloth chilling in a tree. I've enjoyed drawing different animals. I am going to need to produce lots of studies on different animals in the coming months to expand my current project in the way I hope so these are a fairly helpful starting point.

Day 22

This is a line drawing from a photo of me and my dog taken a few years ago. I did a 2nd one just adding a bit of colour for some reason (not quite sure why as other than that there's not much difference in them).

Day 23

I had planned to do quite a detailed drawing of some sort of odd looking bird but I was lacking time so did a simple one instead. I could't decide which bird to draw so I did a kiwi vs an albatross. I've always thought that the name albatross sounds like the name of a dinosaur. That could be an interesting combination, an albatross crossed with a dinosaur.

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