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Inktober Days 9-13

Day 9

This is a picture I have done before a long time ago. I remember wanting to turn it into a mini series with the character trying various ways to get the star on the tree. Maybe I'll do a few of these before Inktober's done.

Day 10

'My View from the Loo...'

I think anyone that owns a dog or a cat (or has a child for that matter) would understand this one.

Day 11

I found out on this day that it's Save the Kiwi month! It reminds me of the dodo which I have spent so long researching for my current project that I can't help but love this little bird. It may have to make an appearance in the project too.

Day 12

I had this day off work and as it was the first day off since I found out my marks for my MA Illustration, me and some friends celebrated. I made the mistake of leaving Inktober until after these celebrations.

I wasn't going to put it up on social media at all but I decided that the spirit of Inktober is to show your drawing, no matter how embarrassingly awful it is. I will try to redeem myself at some point by drawing a better ukulele.

Day 13

A better attempt today. Carrying on with the Save the Kiwi theme.

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