My Interview with Portsmouth Comic Con

Has the city of Portsmouth impacted your work? I feel really lucky to live in Portsmouth because it has such a strong and growing art community. All artists experience times of self-doubt and being surrounded by talented likeminded individuals really helps overcome that. I should also mention that I probably wouldn’t be making art at all if I hadn’t done my Masters at Portsmouth University a few years back. At the time I was stuck in a job that made me miserable and going back to university and having such great tutors and peers helped me to be more confident as an artist. What attracted you to illustration? I have always wanted to explore the art of storytelling as I believe that the books

Free Art Friday MEGA DROP (with Portsmouth Comic Con)

Portsmouth Comic Con have been placing a piece of art from local artists around Portsmouth every two weeks for Free Art Friday in the lead up to the main convention. And on the 3rd May I'll be participating in their mega drop along with 7 others local artists.

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