Punch Meets Pinocchio

Several years ago when I was researching old tales I read Pinocchio and was drawn to the character. Although he was often foolish, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him as, due to his naive nature, he got taken advantage of again and again. The story was a warning to children against not doing what you are told and trusting those whom you do not know, but I always felt that Pinocchio was punished perhaps more than he deserved for his actions. At about the same time I came across Neil Gaiman's "The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch" (illustrated by Dave Mckean). This reminded me of watching numerous Punch and Judy shows as a young child and being mesmerised by the 'naughty' an

A (Late) New Years Catch Up

It's been a busy couple of months at work and with Christmas so I've neglected all my social media. Thats why the last two post I've just done were to catch up with the Inktober pics I did in October but never posted on here. The final day of Inktober is a group picture of all the characters together. As this was a big one, I knew I wouldn't finish it in a day (and still have yet to finish it due to an issue I had right at the end with the sizing and layout of some of the characters). I got to the stage below about a week into November but it's been in the to do pile since I realised I would need to draw the whole thing again before I could colour it. This year I've got a few projects planne

Inktober 2018: Days 27, 28, 29 & 30

DAY 27: Conduplue All Conduplues want to do is to be cosy and curl up on humans’ beds, in laundry baskets full of clothes or in sock drawers. However, their fur causes extreme irritation to most people and in extreme cases have even caused death by allergic reaction. They prefer cluttered, small houses with lots of places to curl up and hide. DAY28: Rollypol These small monsters are often found in pubs as they eat wood so are attracted to the pool cues and wooden bar stools. They are able to tuck their feet close to their bodies and enjoy rolling around so if you are missing a billiard ball they are often quite happy to be a replacement as long as you ask them nicely and let them eat the poo

Inktober 2018: Days 24, 25 & 26

DAY 24: Drivelpup Drivelpups, while not directly dangerous to humans, are the monsters with the highest human death count. They eat motor parts, and being small and bendy means that they can squeeze into any car engine to have a munch. If you do not check your engine for any Drivelpups before setting off on a car journey you risk having a terrible accident. DAY25:Gauryish These little monsters hibernate for 10 months of the year waking mid-November to mid-January. For the two months they are awake they take residence in our Christmas trees and feast of our decorations. They especially like eating brightly coloured ornaments and have been known to finish off a 500 bulb set of flashing lights

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