Inktober 2018: Days 15, 16 & 17

DAY 15: Dave The Dave’s started coming around when the invention of the television really took off. The more and more homes that got one the more and more Dave’s showed up on our living room carpets staring at the square box. If one takes residence in your home, you will need to keep the TV on permanently. Apart from hogging the remote control, they are great company and will be no bother as long as they are fed regularly. They are named after their favourite channel but will watch just about anything. DAY 16: Soporey These small winged monsters can be remarkably dangerous if you do not realise they are about. They feed off the energy from humans making you feel at first tired, then exhauste

Inktober 2018: Days 12, 13 & 14

DAY: 12: Weaveclepta Weavecleptas are at most 30cm tall and being drawn to all things soft, you will often find them in your laundry basket or rummaging around your washing machine. They eat fabric and their favourite thing to eat is socks which is why pairs of socks are hard to come by. Despite this they make an excellent companion and enjoy standing on humans shoulders or heads and going out for walks. DAY 13: Blinqu One of the smaller species of domestic monsters at about 15 cm tall, Blinques like very cold conditions due to their thick thermal hair. They will happily live in your fridge coming out every so often to socialise with the family. They are very useful if you are on a diet as t

Inktober 2018: Days 9, 10 & 11

DAY 9: Felvet These domestic monsters tend to be drawn to cold houses due to the warmth they produce. If you are lucky enough for one to choose your house as its home then you will never need to put on your heating again. They are nocturnal and like to be around humans so you may find one at the end of your bed staring at you when you awake (this is a bit alarming at first but you will get used to it). They are drawn to shiny objects so it is advisable to hide any jewellery away and place cheap costume jewellery about for them to play with. DAY 10: Liquipoo Being thin and long with a soft skeleton means that the Liquipoo can fit and travel very well through any plumbing system. They are ver

Inktober 2018: Days 7 & 8

DAY 7: Posiclar A Posiclar is a monster that has proved to be extremely useful to humans over the years. Being the Opposite of a Negiclar, it is able to suck in and consume any type of negative feelings from humans leaving the people around it feeling happier and lighter. The more mature ones are so strong that they can be very therapeutic to those suffering with severe forms of depression and so are employed in health centres. They enjoy warmth, chocolate and roast dinners and are paid with such for any work they do. DAY 8: Negiclar Being the opposite of a Posiclar, this monster can have a destructive effect on the mental health of the humans around it. Negiclars suck in any positive feelin

Inktober 2018: Days 4, 5 & 6

DAY 4: Hooga The Hooga is a distant relation to the Solisga and is equally keen to be around humans. They have a calming effect on the people around them. Hoogas will happily spend all day following their favourite human around waiting to be hugged. DAY 5: Vegetall Vegetalls can be found mainly wondering around the countryside and small villages feeding off the earth through their feet. Although considered wild, they are an extremely polite and gentle species of monster. They enjoy being helpful to humans and with their long fingers and tall bodies, they are very useful for reaching things in high places or under furniture. If you need help from one you simply need to put a pot of hot tea on

Inktober2018: Days 1, 2 & 3

For my 2nd year participating in Inktober I decided to go with a theme, Monsters. My fascination with monsters increased during my research for my Masters degree. I decided a while ago that I wanted to created a range of monsters that would be among us in our everyday lives. Some would be good and helpful and others scary and dangerous. I thought Inktober would be a good time to get all the ideas a bit more finalised and down on paper. Here are the first three days of Inktober 2018. DAY 1: Solisga This monster, despite it’s unusual appearance, makes an excellent companion for those scared of the dark. It’s mostly bald skin emits a soothing glow at night and being only about 1 foot tall, they

The House of Illustration Drawing a Day Challenge - The Finished Page

Producing tiny 1 inch square drawings was very enjoyable. I think due to the small size I found them quick and simple to do. After about the first 4/5 days I realised I had a colour thing going with a more mono image followed by a more colourful image so I purposefully carried this on to created a checkered sort of look. Other than that I just drew things that either meant something to me, I liked or that were to do with other projects I'm working on. I used mostly inks, I think to get a bit of practise in before Inktober starts. So here is the finished piece. I hope people enjoyed seeing these every day. But if they didn't at least I enjoyed creating them.

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