The House of Illustration Drawing a Day Challenge - Days 2,3,4,5

Here are the next several days efforts for the square inch drawing challenge with the House of Illustration. Before I started this, I thought it would be extremely difficult to do and that I would find it frustrating having to keep to such a small canvas. Rather pleasantly I've almost found the opposite. The smallness of the space to fill has meant I've not felt a need to over complicate the drawings to 'impress' the viewer. As my drawing style is often quite simple and neat (something which I sometimes feel guilty for), it's adapted well to the square inch frame. So far the task has been quite liberating. Admittedly it's only day 6 today so I may feel differently in a week or so. Here are t

The House of Illustration Drawing a Day Challenge - Day 1

Of course I decided to kick off the challenge with a robot. At first drawing this small was daunting as in such a tiny space it would be easy to mess it up. I quickly realised that for this challenge less is more and so it's a fairly simple drawing for day 1. The good thing about doing a simple tiny drawing is that it didn't take long. It's hard not to get started on the next one.

The House of Illustration Drawing a Day Challenge

Throughout September The House of Illustration is challenging people to do a drawing a day. It can be can be of anything and created with anything but it must be just one-inch squared. This challenge was inspired by artist John Vernon Lord who, in 2016, did a one-inch squared drawing every day of the year with pen and ink on paper. I found out about it via my tutor from uni about a week ago but I admit I had completely forgotten about it until today. As it will be a good warmup to Inktober 2018, I've just prepared my 30 tiny squares, all waiting to be filled. More info on the challenge can be found here: The House of Illustration Drawing a Day Challenge

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