Inktober Days 29-31 (and what's next)

Day 29 Meet Matilda. This is a robot that was made for me by Rust Bucket Workshop (commissioned by my friends as a birthday gift). I adore her which is why I decided to draw her today. I haven't actually done many observational drawings this inktober (or for a while for that matter). I've got some trips planned in the near future to do some observational studies so I think I need to brush up on these skills. Day 30 I discovered the Blue Footed Booby today! Well, obviously I didn't 'discover' it, I just found some photos of them online and I think they are amazing... they dance. It's difficult to decide what my favourite odd looking bird is now, there are so many. Day 31 That's inktober 2017

Inktober Days 24-28

Day 24 Not knowing what to draw... so that is exactly what I drew. Day 25 This is a slight adaption of my hovering plant/flower that I made up for my current project (Sector 17643). I drew and coloured this out and about so was limited to the pens I had in my bag. I prefer the original as it was coloured with watercolour pencils giving it a lighter appearance. I've got another I;ve started that's going to be painted with gouache and another that I will paint with inks to try and give a translucent appearance on the petals. We'll see how that goes. Day 26 Another robot for today. I want to colour this one in but with paints. (Can't very well use paints during inktober though can I ?!) so will

Inktober Days 20-23

Day 20 A stressful day was the theme of day 20s inktober. Hence the quick squiggle of the cuppa I was having at the time. I could have just not done a drawing but that's not in the spirit of inktober. As far as I believe, the whole point is to do a drawing and post an image of it no matter what it is like and how long you have spent on it. There have so far been a couple of drawings I'm not proud of but I am pleased I have managed to do one every day so far. Day 21 Just a chubby sloth chilling in a tree. I've enjoyed drawing different animals. I am going to need to produce lots of studies on different animals in the coming months to expand my current project in the way I hope so these are a

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