Inktober Days 14-19

Day 14 Day 14's ink drawing carries on with the Kiwi theme due to it being save the kiwi month. I also wanted to redeem myself a little by drawing another uke as the one I drew on day 12 was...not great. So the drawing came out as a person singing and playing to some dancing kiwis. What's not to like? Day 15 I was looking at some of my work from year one of my masters. At this point I was planning on my project being about making monsters. So I came up with this fella. It eats naughty children hence the swollen belly. Day 16 I was missing robots so I decided to draw one. I was also missing kiwis. Day 17 'Spot the kiwi' Clearing out my studio I found the article about scientist bringing back

Inktober Days 9-13

Day 9 This is a picture I have done before a long time ago. I remember wanting to turn it into a mini series with the character trying various ways to get the star on the tree. Maybe I'll do a few of these before Inktober's done. Day 10 'My View from the Loo...' I think anyone that owns a dog or a cat (or has a child for that matter) would understand this one. Day 11 I found out on this day that it's Save the Kiwi month! It reminds me of the dodo which I have spent so long researching for my current project that I can't help but love this little bird. It may have to make an appearance in the project too. Day 12 I had this day off work and as it was the first day off since I found out my mark

Inktober Day 7 & 8

There's not much to say about Day 7's drawing. I had a hectic day between work in the morning and having people round in the evening so I just did a very quick one. I'm just glad I managed to get one done. I had a bit more time today and played about painting with inks. I haven't really ever done this before. I've only ever used inks with a nib or to make a mess. They are hard to work and blend but for a first attempt I don't think it's too bad. Hopefully I'll get a bit better as inktober goes along.

Inktober Day 6

I was a bit stretched for time today and will likely be over the next couple of days as well so just a simple one for today. A sad clown type character. I can only assume he is sad due to the lack of arms so he can not make balloon animals.

Inktober Day 5

Today I wanted to recreate a drawing I did when I was about 6. I feel I best mention that the original piece, titled "A Monster by Megan Wood" won an award for best monster creation. I was very proud. My mum still has it on her wall to this day! I kept true to the original as its best not to mess with perfection, don't you think?!

Inktober Day 4

For day 4 I actually drew a picture (admittedly a simple one) and played about with blending inks.

Inktober Day 3

I know I wouldn't have a lot of time today to create an inktober piece so I went back to the good old method of finger painting. ...I am definitely using this years' inktober to pretend to be a kid again.

Inktober Day 2

I have discovered on day 2 that I'm using inktober as an excuse to make a mess. I will do some actual drawing at some point I'm sure. For now I've produced this. I picked up some new ink colours and couldn't decide which one to use so thought it best I use them all and adopted a splashing technique I used to love as a child. I used one of my Dodo drawings as a silhouette. It didn't come out as clear as I hoped but I did at least manage to make it colourful!

Inktober Day 1

This is the first year I've done Inktober. I haven't used inks (apart from pens) for a very long time and so the ones I have are a little ropey. I settled on making a mess with them for the first day to see how they moved on the page. I should be getting some new supplies tomorrow so will have more colours and new tools to experiment with.

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