Howard's Type

Something particularly tricky when doing any sort of art work is deciding on the font to use. I spent ages when making this site on trying to design a header that was personal and unique. I ended up at one point abandoning normal font types and trying to write it by hand but this just didn't work. I was very lucky, that a couple of months ago I got a very kind present from a family member. Their dad's old typewriter. Still in full working order, but believed to be from the 1930s, all the letters have their own individual quirks bought about by old age. The letters have become a bit wonky and tiny parts of the font are ever so slightly worn away so that what is created when typing is a font u

Why 'The Useless Robot'

A while ago at university, I was talking with other artists about creating a new name to work under, a brand or company name if you like. A lot of my peers had already established their own and I started to think that it might be right for me. I remembered a poem I wrote many years ago that was called the useless robot. I cannot remember at all how it went but the name started to stick in my mind. At the time, I was still in a job that I didn't want to be in, doing robotic tasks and doing these rather badly. I realised that I was The Useless Robot and since then its just sort of stuck.

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